Home Fix 24/7

Home Fix 24/7



Just dial and find us at your doorstep!

We’ll be on-call in your neighborhood for all those jobs that aren’t quite big enough to hire an expensive contractor but are beyond the homeowner’s expertise or time constraints.


  1. Air conditioner repairing and servicing:

The lack of regular AC maintenance can result in poor AC performance, leaking, and further damage to the compressor and other AC components. Therefore Air conditioners need to be serviced regularly by a professional maintenance company and if you cannot manage to get your own professional mechanics just call us and we will be there to fix it up for you.


  1. Electrical Problems:

Most of the time, the reason behind electrical problem is uncertain and without fixing the problem our daily life will be so problematic. We are here to provide to fix your any kind of electric problem i.e. fan, light, electrical wiring, water pump fixing and so on.

For problems regarding electricity supply just call us at our number and we’ll be right there to fix your problems 24/7.

  1. Gas line and stove servicing:

For any kind of help in fixing up a new stove or cleaning up your old stove or servicing the gas line just call us.

  1. Plumbing and sanitary service:

Our team is here to make your plumbing experience as simple and pleasant as possible. We know how frustrating it can be to have no water flow or blocked sewers, so fast unbeatable service and excellent communication are our two main priorities. Youcan expect a full range of plumbing services from leaking taps to burst pipes and fixings ups water tap, changing bathroom tiles, basin, kitchen sink, commode and so on. We are available all hours, catering to all your emergency needs.

  1. Carpentry Service:

We provide carpenters for all kinds of wooden works like making new furniture, fixing up broken furniture, making false ceiling, cabinets and so on. We strive to deliver quality works and build relationship with our clients, offering great service at a reasonable price.


  1. House Painter/ Furniture Burnish or polish:

We also provide painters for house coloring and polishing or burnishing all kinds of wooden furniture.

  1. Aluminium, steel and glass works:

We also provide workers for aluminium fitting, window and door fitting, glass fitting, collapsible gate, welding works and so on.


  1. Water tank/ glass/floor cleaning:

We provide all kinds of cleaning facilities i.e. glass, floor, water tank cleaning. We provide cleaning service on call as well.

  1. Computer servicing and repairing:

We provide all kinds of computer related services such as software, hardware, and network.


10. Home Repair and Painting Service:

We are specialized in roof damage, wall damage, broken window, and Mold related problem.